TLC Masterclasses at our office or at your location

The Legal Company provides all its legal training at its office in Amstelveen (maximum group size 8 persons) in a personal way, with much interaction. See our calendar for training sessions on dates reported below. The Legal Company can also provide all these training courses at your location for your employees (minimum number of participants required). Interested in participating or a quote for on-site training? See the registration form per training page.

Masterclass annual calendar 2023

Masterclass Contract Changes in cleaning industry

5 October 2023

This masterclass specifically deals with contract changes through article 38 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement on Cleaning All the do's and dont's in the legal field will be discussed and practical tips will be given by legal experts in the field of Article 38 CBA.

Masterclass Become an internal confidant in one day

9 November 2023

Every organisation is required by law to provide a safe working environment for its employees. Nevertheless, an employee can face unpleasant situations such as bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment just like that. With the training course 'Become a confidant in one day', you will contribute to a safe and trusted environment within the organisation.

Masterclass Know your rights and duties in cases of undesirable behaviour and integrity violations

23 November 2023

This masterclass is a follow-up training to the master class 'Become an internal confidential advisor in one day' but can also be attended separately. During this masterclass, the different types of integrity violations and undesirable behaviour and the laws and regulations surrounding them, such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Whistleblower legislation, will be discussed in depth.

Masterclass Never go wrong with summary dismissal

7 December 2023

Instant dismissal is the toughest measure in existence and is therefore subject to strict rules. Important to know how to approach this. After this masterclass, you will know how to pay attention by issuing a summary dismissal. And you are up to date with the do's and dont's of this way of saying goodbye to employees.

Masterclasses on site

Masterclass Reporting an employee sick in the event of a disrupted working relationship

Sick leave and a disrupted working relationship. Two for the price of one? No, here it can mean two for the price of three! A disrupted working relationship is very unpleasant, and getting a sick note on top of that often puts the situation on hold. But that is silence before the storm, as reintegration must continue. They are often complex cases that require a lot of time, attention and energy from you as an entrepreneur.

Legal breakfast session Flexible work: a plague or a blessing? On site

In these difficult economic times with staff shortages, it is more important than ever to avoid fixed costs as much as possible and work with flexible workers. There may still be opportunities you hadn't thought of. In doing so, you need to make the right choice about which type of flex worker to hire and ensure that the corresponding contracts are correct to the letter of the law. In fact, a lot of rules have been added to protect these flex workers.

Masterclass GDPR Management on location

Still not done with the AVG implementation or AVG compliance? We provide this masterclass to help your company get started with this. The main question that will be answered during our masterclass is how your organization can comply with the GDPR in the most pragmatic and workable way and how to keep it that way.

Masterclass Privacy en werknemers op locatie

As an entrepreneur, how do you deal with the privacy of your employees? Can you, for example, monitor your employees on telephone and IT use or with camera surveillance or car journey registrations? Or what if you catch an employee stealing. Are you allowed to use the video evidence as proof of theft by an employee? We will teach you this, and more, during this Privacy and Employees masterclass.

Masterclass File structure and dismissal on location

Solving and even preventing personnel files problems? This training course covers how to build up a sufficient and correct file in order to be able to successfully dissolve an employment contract in the subdistrict court if the employee's behavior does not improve.

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Benefits of TLC Masterclasses

  • You will gain up-to-date knowledge of the legal topics.
  • A limited number of participants, so much interaction with the teacher
  • High-quality teacher due to NEVOA membership and continuing education at university level
  • Low investment for double profit: preventing and increasing the chance of winning problem files
  • No travelling time, no traffic jams at master classes via ZOOM / or on location