Cleaning sector legal expert

Our operations in the cleaning sector:

  • Legal advice and assistance to many cleaning companies in respect of labour law, contract law, procurement law and corporate law.
  • Legal Safe Service labour law membership especially for cleaning companies with labour documentation tailored to both the WAB and the CA Cleaning and Window Cleaning Sector from 2019-2021.
  • Legal workshops and training sessions for the cleaning sector.
  • Member of the legal editorial staff of Clean Totaalthe magazine for the cleaning sector, many offline and online publications on the CA and current legal topics within the cleaning sector.
  • A contract transfer help desk especially for the cleaning sector.
  • Legal trainer sector associations and trade unions.

For direct specialised assistance, call us on +31 (0)20-3450152.

Article 38 of the CA contract transfer help desk Cleaning Sector

In the cleaning sector, special labour law rules apply to contract transfers under article 38 of the CA Cleaning and Window Cleaning Sector. A cleaning company that acquires an object following re-tendering, is required to offer staff of the unsuccessful cleaning company an employment contract, under certain conditions. In practice, problems or (legal) discussions on such contract transfer agreements based on article 38 of the collective agreement arise very frequently. At times this evens results in wage claims and damage claims that are fought out through the RAS disputes committee or the court. As a cleaning sector labour law expert, we are often presented with such situations and we are well-informed in this matter. We have set up this contract transfer help desk in order to provide even better assistance in this area to cleaning companies. Moreover, clients of cleaning companies can use this help desk as they are often affected by the consequences of article 38 of the CA.

How does the help desk work?

Step 1. Ask your question

The first step is to submit your contract transfer question or request for advice on or assistance with your article 38 situation to one of the TLC lawyers, Hella Vercammen or Alain Hardy. This can be done both by telephone (+31 (0)20-3450152) and by email ( In case of a simple question we can answer immediately, this will be free of charge.

Step 2. Quote

If it is not possible to immediately handle your request for assistance, you will be sent a quote for the requested advice or assistance, after step 1. The quote is based on our hourly rates and the expected time required for your situation.

Step 3. Handling

Following your agreement, we will start working on your request and we may ask you for further details. By default, we will send you our advice or a reply to your question by email, within 3 business days. In case of an emergency, a shorter period can be agreed upon.