Welcome to the Netherlands and to our office in Amstelveen

Doing business in the Netherlands is a smart move. The business climate in the Netherlands is optimal and flexible, also from a legal and fiscal perspective. Our firm characterizes itself by the typical Dutch culture of flexibility, openness and sobriety. We are used to operating internationally and we respond quickly to your questions. Our international clients are very satisfied with our personal and full service approach.

What our customers think of us

The Legal Company takes care of the entire lifecycle of your Dutch branch

Startup phase

In this stage we support you with the necessary start up corporate law and administrative actions such as:

      • Choosing and incorporating the best legal form for your Dutch branch
      • Drafting corporate documents such as the articles of association and relevant corporate documents;
      • Registration Dutch entity, directors, powers of attorney with the Dutch chamber of commerce*;
      • Registration tax and local authorities, etc.*
      • Starting up the accounting and bookkeeping*
      • Taking out insurances*
      • Tax optimization consultancy*

* We are your liaison partner to tax advisors, notary, accountants, insurance agents etc.

Going concern phase

In this stage we support you with the necessary going concern (legal and tax) actions such as:

        • Employment agreements and documentation
        • Applicability check mandatory collective labour agreements and pension funds
        • Compliance with the occupational health and safety rules*
        • Payroll administration and taxes*
        • Employers and company insurances*
        • Lease car regulations
        • 30% rulings,
        • Work permits
        • Secondment contracts
        • Rental or purchase agreement real estate
        • Commercial contracts, sales or purchase contracts, subcontractors, distribution contracts, etc.
        • General sales or purchase terms & conditions
        • Corporate houskeeping such as minutes, board or shareholders resolutions
        • Compliance of mandatory general and more specific laws and regulations related to your industry such as: GDPR, products laws, permits, CLA & pension funds, contract law etc.

      *We are your liaison partner to tax advisors, notary, accountants, insurance agents etc.

Expanding or termination phase

Expanding or termination phase

In this phase your company either grows or (partly) stops its activities. Also in this stage we continue to legally support you with:

  • Legal due diligence questionnaires and investigations
  • Drafting SPA’s (sales purchase agreement), LOI’s (letter of intent) and NDA’s (non-disclosure agreement)
  • Reorganization / dismissal employees
  • Expanding or termination of (commercial) contracts
  • Winding up your company and deregistration Chamber of Commerce and Tax authorities, settlement of the accounts etc.*

* We are your liaison partner to tax advisors, notary, accountants, insurance agents etc.

Legal and tax advantages of doing business in the Netherlands

  • The Netherlands has a flexible business and company lawsystem
  • The Netherlands has an attractive fiscal climate
  • The Netherlands prefers to be compliant with the European rules of the free market, which makes it the ultimate gateway to Europe.
  • Most industries in the Netherlands have a level playing field for entrepreneurs due to the collective labour agreements (with salaries and allowances) and fair, clear national (tax) laws.
  • The Netherlands is proud of its independent judiciary system and professional judges.
  • We have fair and swift legal procedures.


Labor law

Employment contracts, Personnel handbooks, Dismissal law, Pension law, Reorganizations, Transition compensation, Fair compensation, Non-competition clause, Relationship clause, Collective Labor Agreement, Transfer of company, Dismissal of statutory director.

Corporate law (Legal persons & company law)

Mergers and Acquisitions, Reorganizations, Shareholders' Agreements, Advising in disputes between directors, supervisory directors and shareholders (BV, NV, Vereniging, Stichting), Management buyouts, Due Diligence investigations, Confidentiality Agreement, Letter of Intent, Financing Agreements, Share Purchase Agreement, Advice on drafting the Articles of Association, Management Regulations , Management agreement, Supervisory Board or Supervisory Board regulations.

law of obligations

Commercial Trade Agreements, Collaboration Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, License Agreement, Agency Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Franchise Agreement, Purchase Agreement, License Agreements, Exploitation Agreement, Assignment Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Rental Agreements, Software and IT Agreements.

Privacy law

Advice and control GDPR, Privacy compliance, Privacy statements, Privacy statements, Cookie statements, Web forms and consent, Processor register, Processor agreement, Processor provisions in general terms and conditions, support with Data breaches and contact with the Dutch Data Protection Authority, internal Privacy Policy, Data Privacy Impact Assessments ( DPIA), Data Protection Officer.

Liability law b2b

Professional Liability, Directors and Regulators Liability, Tort, Product Liability, Strict Liability, General Terms & Conditions & Liability.

Intellectual property law

Copyright, Trademark law, Neighboring law, Trade name law, Domain name law, Goodwill protection, Unfair competition, Advice on infringements, Advice on registering rights, License agreements, Transfers of intellectual property rights.

Tenancy law (real estate) b2b

Rent Office and business space, Retail space, Lease contracts, Termination, Eviction protection.