Masters in solving legal issues

The Legal Company lawyers quickly and affordably resolve your labour law, contract law or corporate law problems, either out of court or in court. Next,  we make sure your problems will not reoccur. Simply by helping you, after solving the problem, to organise your legal matters in a better way and to keep them organised. In order to achieve this we have developed special SME training sessions and memberships (subscriptions). Want to know more? Scroll down and click on one of the following items.

Guaranteed quality


Our method consists of 4 phases


During this phase, we start with the intake and get to know each other. We discuss your specific problem or we run through the preferred legal risk areas of your company. We discuss possible solutions and related costs. This phase is free of charge. Based on our offer, you decide whether you want to continue with phase 2.

Problem solving

During this phase, we solve your specific problem (relating to our areas of expertise in labour law, contract law or corporate law) once you have instructed us to do so during phase 1, after having received our offer. To ensure that the problem does not recur, we also offer the solutions in phase 3 and 4, if desired.

Legal training

During this phase, a legal training is selected or developed in consultation with you, aimed at providing legal training to your own company, your people (such as your HR managers, managers or account managers). Following this training, legal pitfalls are identified faster within the organisation, thus preventing errors in law from occurring.

Working in a legally safe manner

During this phase, we monitor your business contracts (employment, freelance, customer, licence and subcontracts, as well as general terms and conditions, etc.) through the Legal Safe Membership. Your managers will only conclude safe and error-free contracts. See Membership page.