Rates & Subscriptions

We are always transparent about the costs.

Our hourly rates are related to the business lawyer's work experience. We provide quotes and cost estimates based on estimated hours x rate, so you know what to expect. Finally, we do not charge additional office expenses (as is usual in the legal profession).

If you regularly need customized legal services, our Legal Safe subscription is the solution for you. See below the variants we offer.

Legal Safe Support subscription

With the Legal Safe support subscription you are assured of daily legal protection and knowledge in all business areas of law. Your legal issues will be taken up and resolved immediately by permanent legal experts. In short, you can deploy your own full-service legal team in the following areas of law of your choice and need:

      • Labour law
      • Contract law
      • Corporate law
      • Privacy law
      • Liability law
      • Tenancy law
      • Intellectual property law

Rates starting from €170,- per month excl. VAT

Legal Safe Labor law subscription

With the Legal Safe Labor law subscription, you are assured of daily legal support regarding your staff. It prevents errors and high costs. You can create unlimited error-free employment contracts and get specialized help in problem files quickly. You never miss an labow law update and get the right documentation and help to manage your staff in a legally responsible way.

The subscription consists of:

      • Your own portal
      • Legal aid helpdesk problem files
      • Employment contract templates, employee handbook, regulations
      • Templates letters and other labor documentation
      • Periodic updates labor documentation
      • Labour Documentation Helpdesk
      • Legal (action) updates
      • Confidential information exchange (GDPR proof)

Rates starting from €285 per month excl. VAT


  • A combination of the above subscriptions is also possible

Benefits of our Legal Safe subscriptions:

      • You purchase a bundle of hours at a fixed price with a 10% discount on the (average) hourly rate of our business lawyers.
      • You may be able to spread the payment through a monthly subscription fee (by direct debit only).
      • You will have your own portal where you can access templates, timesheets and your contract.
      • Confidential documents are securely emailed fully GDPR-proof via Zivver.

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