TLC training sessions and master classes

Here we offer on-site labour law training sessions and master classes for directors, SME accountants, HR managers, HR employees and managers. Hella Vercammen, LLM  discusses real-life problems, important legislative amendments (such as the Work & Security Act, etc.) and current topics (based on case law).  If you want to stay informed about our training sessions and current events, please sign up for our Legal Alert newsletter.

Since 24 August 2016, TLC has been a recognised PE institution and accountants can acquire PE hours by attending the master classes or an on-site training. Call +31 (0)20 345 01 52 for a customized training and on location!

Training on location

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    Training op locatie Cybersecurity & Privacy

    Met deze training wordt de directie, het bestuur, het toezichtsorgaan of de OR getraind omtrent de concrete stappen die nodig zijn om op 25 mei 2018 te voldoen aan de nieuwe Europese privacy wetgeving binnen de zorgplichten met betrekking tot cybersecurity.  Lees meer


    Training on location, DBA Act

    These training sessions focus on the new DBA Act [Assessment of Employment Relationships Deregulation Act]. In this master class, you will learn to continue to work in a legally safe manner as a client or zzp’er, despite all changes (abolition of the VAR [Declaration of Independent Contractor Status], more self-responsibility, model agreements). Read more

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    Dismissal and file compilation under WWZ

    This training focuses on dismissal on the basis of personal grounds following implementation of the Work & Security Act (WWZ) (1 July 2015). Read more

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    File compilation incapacitated employee

    This on-site training focuses on the new labour and dismissal law, the Work and Security Act, which entered into force on 1 January 2015. Read more

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    Work and Security Act training

    This on-site training focuses on the new labour and dismissal law, the Work and Security Act, which entered into force on 1 January 2015. Read more

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    Article 38 of the CA Cleaning and Window Cleaning Sector training

    This training focuses on contract transfer pursuant to article 38 of the Collective Agreement (CA). All dos and don’ts in the legal arena are discussed, among other things, and legal experts give practical tips relating to article 38 of the CA. Read more

Benefits of on-site training

What are the benefits of our on-site TLC labour law training sessions?

De voordelen

√ Can be followed at the workplace
√ No travel time, no traffic jams
√ Interaction with the trainer
√ Well-qualified trainer due to NEVOA membership and permanent education at university level
√ Low investment for double profit resulting from both preventing and increasing win probability problem files

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Masterclasses – Program

Kosteloze kennissessie: update WWZ en DBA
13 juli 2017

Deze kennissessie is een must voor werkgevers en HR managers om bijgepraat te worden over de evaluatie van de Wet Werk en Zekerheid (WWZ) en de wet DBA. Klik hier voor meer informatie en om te kunnen aanmelden!

Masterclass artikel 38 cao schoonmaak- en glazenwassersbranche (contractwisseling) – 5 oktober 2017

In de praktijk ontstaan, met grote regelmaat, ingewikkelde juridische en kostbare discussies over contractwisseling situaties (artikel 38 cao) tussen het verliezende en het winnende schoonmaakbedrijf. Wij hebben daarom deze masterclass ontwikkeld zodat wij schoonmaakondernemers, HR-managers en leidinggevenden op dit vlak wijzer kunnen maken. Klik hier voor meer informatie en om u aan te melden!

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